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  • Health Connect

    Strengthening the competences within the multidisciplinary and future oriented topic “eHealth”.

    September 2017 - curr.


    Innovation Lab for Medical Engineering and eHealth reducing entry barriers to the Standardisation and interoperability in the field of medical applications.

    September 2016 - curr.

  • IES

    IES strives to adapt and implement a vendor-neutral and cooperative method to achieve interoperability of ICT-systems in smart energy systems

    March 2016 - curr.

  • REHABitation

    Rehabilitation and prevention in private environment as means for increasing quality and reducing costs.

    October 2014 - curr.

  • eHL

    eLearning4eHealth Network - an international eHealth experts network for the development of internationally coordinated teaching- and certification programs.

    September 2013 - September 2016

  • Alveopic

    an ex-vivo nutrition circuit for physiologically and anatomically realistic lung simulation. Taking porcine lungs, letting them inhale aerosols and monitor their status on a mobile device.

    January 2013 - December 2014

  • HIO

    Healthy Interoperability - a standards based framework for medical data coming from personal health devices going to health records.

    September 2008 - September 2012