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Active Motion Analysis
Electrics i-Lung
Fibre Optics
Lung Simulation
Lung Tissue Makro
Passive Motion Analysis
SBC i-Lung
Thoracic Chamber
i-Lung and mCM
mCM - mobile Circulatory Module
Thoracic Chamber Lid
Ventilation Gases

© The photos are kindly provided by Iris Nemec.

Team Meetings

Kickoff Brno - 16.01.2013

From left to right: M. Forjan, S. Sauermann, I. Provaznik, F. Zezulka, J. Sekora

Teammeeting Vienna - 27.02.2013

From left to right: L. Unterlerchner, M. Frohner, V. David, M. Ongaro, S. Sauermann, S. Peschke, M. Forjan, M. Windisch, M. Sir, F. Zezulka, J. Sekora, I. Provaznik; not shown: T. Steiner

Teammeeting Brno - 23.04.2013

From left to right: S. Babu, S. Sauermann, M. Forjan, M. Frohner, I. Provaznik, F. Zezulka, J. Sekora, M. Sir

Teammeeting Vienna - 04.06.2013

From left to right: V. David, M. Frohner, M. Forjan, J. Sekora, F. Zezulka, M. Ongaro, L. Unterlerchner, S. Peschke, R. Sturma, A. Drauschke, A. Eschli, S. Sauermann; not shown: S. Babu

Meeting Velke Karlovice - 27.09.2013

From left to rigt: M. Forjan, M. Frohner, F, Zezulka