Motion Analysis

How to make the movement of the lung visible without having an X-ray vision? With the help of motion analysis and the i-Lung with its see-through perspex chamber the movement of the lung during breathing can be investigated. Markers are attached to the lung whose trajectories will be captured by infrared cameras. Thus a model of the lung movement can be simulated on PC and compared to lung movement data from magnetic resonance in order to prove comparability between the active lung simulator i-Lung and real living human lungs. If this comparability is given, the i-Lung would be a real alternative to animal testing.

As a part of the project AlveoPic a measurement setup with suitable marker positions on the lung tissue as well as own active infrared markers will be developed. It will be a challenge to overcome problems with marker placement due to the individual shape of the porcine lungs. The project team will search for the best method to overcome these problems and ensure the comparability.