What we want to reach?

The aim of the project eLearning4eHealth Network (eHL) is to develop an international network for the development of international aligned training and certification programs for vocational education and training for the area of eHealth. This trainings and certification programs should be in a form which allows students, enterprises and organisations to extend and improve their knowledge for eHealth related topics in a highly flexible way, independent of time and place. For academic facilities the quality of academic courses shall be increased due to integration of international expertise from the diverse network partners.


How do we form new research contacts?

Along with the project’s development the results will be published and disseminated especially via publications on national and international conferences, dealing with the major topic or subtopics of the project. By the attendance of these conferences and congresses the sent team members are strongly encouraged to get in contact with representatives of the other attending R&D facilities and companies. Thereby a network of potential cooperation partners will be built up


How do we acquire industry partners and projects?

From a strategic point of view, different sources could be used for winning experts participating in the network. This could be via existing contacts, but also with gaining new ones on national international conferences. Furthermore workgroups for diverse eHealth related topics are a place to connect to experts and gain their interest in participating at the expert’s network.

Also by these means new potential projects and partners may be acquired.


Project profile

Project full title: eLearning4eHealth Network

Project acronym: eHL

Starting date: 1 September 2013

Project duration: 36 months

Funding: The City of Vienna Municipal department Economic Affairs, Labour and Statistics (MA23)