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Around the globe eHealth and mHealth approaches gain in importance as strategies for improvement and efficiency enhancement of health care systems. Innovations in this sector are essential to make existing developments applicable in broader sense and to find new approaches in order to expand the technical lead. In practice, there are significant challenges for the implementation of innovative ideas like the interoperable integration of overall systems, the implementation of security and privacy or the supply of suitable test- simulation- and presentation environments. In the project INNOVATE, an Innovation Laboratory for medical technology and eHealth will be implemented at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien. This laboratory gives an easy to use technological base to develop interoperability, security and usability based eHealth applications without specialist knowledge. Thus, it lowers the initial hurdles for developer teams (either for student or business developer teams). From user requirements to implementation of systems, the Innovation Lab demonstrates structured innovation processes.

Interoperable personal health devices


In course of the project software libraries for integration of mobile eHealth applications are implemented as well as developer kits in the fields of interoperability, open data, security, usability and accessibility are developed. In the end an integrated laboratory infrastructure for mobile eHealth applications will be established.

Innovate Team

FH-Prof. DI Alexander Mense

Key Researcher

Veronika David, MSc.

Project Manager

Ing. Philipp Urbauer, MSc.


Matthias Frohner, MSc.


DI(FH) Birgit Pohn MSc.


Dominik Dolezal, MSc.


Ing. Bernhard Lueger, MSc.



19. September 2018 Project Proposal for student projects @Master Medical Engineering & eHealth
23. June 2018 Two scientific contributions @DSAI 2018, Thessaloniki
9. May 2018 Scientific contribution @eHealth Summit 2018, Vienna
13. April 2018 Presentation of an INNOVATE application @Langen Nacht der Forschung 2018
4. Dezember 2018 Joint Workshop @Joanneum Research Health - Clinical Decision Support, Graz
9.-11. July 2017 Scientific contribution @International Conference on Informatics, Management and Technology in Healthcare 2017
24. May 2017 Best Poster Award for Matthias Frohner, team member of Innovate @eHealth Summit 2017
23./24. May 2017 Project presentation and three scientific contributions @eHealth Summit 2017, Vienna
18. May 2017 Article in DerStandard "FH Technikum Wien forscht an sicheren Medizin-Apps"
21. Dezember 2016 Article in FEEI "Sichere IT-Infrastruktur für Medizin-Apps: FH Technikum Wien forscht an Sicherheitsbausteinen"
20. Dezember 2016 Article in futurezone "Mit Software-Bausteinen zu sicheren Medizin-Apps"
November 2016 Innovate is listed as "Best Practice" for Open Innovation
15. September 2016 Project Proposal @Master Biomedical Engineering
1. September 2016 Project Start

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